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Has anybody tested the what USB serial baud rates/speeds are achievable using a standard virtual COM port on a computer? How fast can this board go in practice??

I am hoping there will be improvements on the standard Arduino due to the faster processor...

Are there any other options for faster communication by using alternatives to a virtual COM port? What is the best data rate achievable (using any approach?)



This is not perfect test but increased the speed with Arduino Due programming port 57600-->115200 --> 230400 and errors started to appear
with 230400 bits/s,

but I do not know about Native port , though , since have not succeeded to install the driver yet, somebody else might know about this ?

with Arduino Mega I could use 230400 and even 460800 but with 460800 some errors started to appear but momentarily,

but like I said these are unofficial tests , since the result depends also on the code of the serial communication and
how often you do Serial.flush();


I have worked with an UNO at 500K - which is 1/32 of the clock - where 460800 is  1/34.7222 so not a nice divider of the clock. This causes errors.
- http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,61381.msg444421.html#msg444421 -

So I don't know the speed of the DUE but by taking a integer divider you should be able to get higher than the standard speed, with reasonable reliability.

Rob Tillaart

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses.

I should have mentioned that I can get 500,000 on a standard Arduino Mega 1280 reliably... Has anyone else got experience with fast communication with the new more powerful due?


I am using a Due connected to a processing program and I'm using 1843200 baud which is working nicely. I am pretty sure this limitation is in Processing. (Java). If I try to go faster I get a Java error.  But, it's working fine at this speed.


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