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I saw that. It is nice of the OP to put some code in there. I was a little confused by the "Serial.write(10); Serial.write(13);" commands and the term "mini".

gauge1.value = rx: can this be done with advancedHMI? It seems like it wants to point to some ethernet or serial connection and then a plc ram location for the value, not internally.

Is it really as easy as a few lines of code?


As per a previous post, I have been communication with AdvancedHMI Support Team, gave them the link to our forum post and they responded as follows:

"I read the forum posts and I see the last question was whether the controls could be written to directly. The answer to that is yes. If you add a control and removed the value from the CommDriver property, you can then set the Value property in code.

Essentially the component request values from the drivers to fill in the properties with values. It is not necessary to do it that way."

end of quote - Nice to see such a pro-active support team.

Regards all


I was able to get it to work using the Mudbus.h library and the AdvancedHMI Modbus driver. Just remember when the sketch refers to Mb.R[0] that means the Modbus PLC address is 40001.


GWManning great to hear of your success.
As there seems to be no complete examples or tutorials specifically on how to set this up and especially for a newbee like myself I have a couple of questions as follows which will also help others following this topic:

1. I've found the site http://code.google.com/p/arduino-modbus-slave/ and also found slave mode driver code. A related site has the ModBus Master as well.
My question is to get Arduino working with AdvanceHMI should I set up the Arduino as a ModBus Slave which will then be connected to the PC serial bus (e.g. Com1) even through a USB/232 adapter? 

2. If so then do I then download the Slave Driver and copy the downloaded Modbus folder into the Arduino\libraries folder.

3. Could you upload an example for all to see or even do a YouTube tutorial. Hope I'm not asking too much as I'm sure there is others like myself who would like the guidance.

Thanks in antisipation 


Thank you all for your input. This is excellent info for a noob like myself.

Yes, an example of how to do this would be like gold. My weakness is in the PC side and modifying the visual studio express components.

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