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Hey Guys,

Need some help with my project. My goal is to make a wireless doorbell.

This is the hardware I have:
-Arduino with Ethernet shield
-FS20 TK  (wireless doorbell on the FS20 protocol)

I've connected everything like this;

I've took this source code (http://www.jansipke.nl/res/arduino/TempHumid.pde) and uploaded to the Arduino. Modified it to report every package it recieves.

When I run the code, it does recieve the package, but only when I have the wireless doorbell within 20 centimeters of the reciever (RX868SH-C3).

I've tried some other FS20 devices, but no luck. Questions are:
-Anyone has simelair setup?
-Do I need to connect the RX868SH-C3 on the 5v or 3v?, they both seem to work...

Thanks for the help!


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Well, at least it works  XD...For a start, you might want to increase the antenna length by a lot....looks very short. Maybe you could have the antenna very close to the door, and very long. You might want to wrap the wire around the door frame.If I am mistaken, and you don't have one, then you might want to figure out a way to add one in. It always helps increase the distance of the reception for any wireless devices.


I've tried a longer antenna, no luck... Also, normal FS20 should do 100 meters in the open.

So there must be something else going on here,


Hmmm...Can you post the code? Maybe that will help...:)


Ive done a similar project a while back, and I had to take the doorbell apart and make an antenna....You might want to try that. If its too delicate, then don't bother... :D

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