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Hi everyone!

I am starting a new project; I am making an FM transmitter. Is there any code out there that takes audio from an ipod and transmitts it to any FM station? Thanks!


Is there any code out there that takes audio from an ipod and transmitts it to any FM station?

For an Ardiuino?
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The only way I can think of to do this is with a RF DDS chip - such as AD9851.
DDS chip generates RF signal from a serial-programmed frequency, and you can update the frequency
in real time to simulate frequency modulation.

Not a small project though, experience with analog and radio-frequency circuitry would be required.

It would be far easier to buy a pre-built FM transmitter module (all analog electronics) - and this would probably
perform better too (in terms of less spurious signals).  These tend to be fixed frequency though, whereas DDS
techniques give control over frequency.
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If you only want the Arduino to control the frequense of the FM-transmitter you could use something like this:


It uses varicaps in the tuning circuit. You could then use a digital potmeter to control the frequence


Thank you guys; I was just curious if it was possible with the Arduino because I have already made the analog transmitters. Thanks again!

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