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and who needs milliseconds to score a game like cricket !  :-)

A few hours update period should be OK for cricket I would think. Actually in Aus we use modified versions of those devices they use to measure tectonic plate movement.

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devices they use to measure tectonic plate movement.    LOL
With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?


I have done spi over 10ft at 100khz. If you have issues, it is most likely with capacitance on the line, limited drive or too high of a speed. Using shielded cabling helps and you can always slow down your speed.


You can use RS-485 drivers to get 4000 feet for SPI.

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I noticed in the shiftpwm site, there is a "push-pull line driver" for running data lines a long distance.


Somehow I doubt that it has anything to do with shielded ethernet cable, those are a couple twisted pairs of wires with a wrapped shield and drain wire, its not very good shielding. Cable TV type cable has braided shield, that would work good if you really need shielding.

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