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I know this has come up before, but the postings I read said there was a problem with !!! That was in 2010. I have been using a Uno for nearly a year without problems and now I got a mega 2560 and tried to upload the blink program. when it didn't stop unloading, I held the shift down and it gave me this message:

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

My compiler settings are to mega 2560 and to port COM4. I'm on system MS 7 and I've reinstalled "the latest" arduino driver I can find... which is in the version 1.0.2 folder.

Assuming the !!! glitch was fixed long ago, can anyone tell me what the problem might be? As I said, I've compiled and uploaded to my Uno from this machine without problems. The Mega is the only new aspect.

Thanks for anything you can tell me.



whoops I meant to say it never stops uploading rather than it never stops unloading.

Louis Davis

The fix for "!!!" requires you have the latest bootloader installed on the 2560. It was only updated about 6 months ago and is probably not installed on your board from the factory.

Here is a link to the latest version of the bootloader:

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