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Hi all,
Don't know where to post this type of question or if this will even work, maybe there is a better way

I want to  emulate an owl's head, not in reality but just the way it stays still when it's body is moving all around, the point of this would be to hold a video camera perfectly still to eliminate hand shake and also to make transitions smoother.

I've seen gyro units that look like a giant tic tac and mount onto the base of the camera, these are not a financial option for me.

I've though of using old style flywheel gyro's but they are power hungry, im thinking more solid state like a wii motion+ and 3 servos mounted at 120 degree's to each other in a kind of swashplate action, servo's would work individually to hold horizontal position and work together for vertical.

I hope this might make some sense to someone


these are not a financial option for me.

You must be on some extremely tight budget: those mems gyros are dime a dozen now.


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You must be on some extremely tight budget: those mems gyros are dime a dozen now.

Yes i am, but really, how much and where, to be honest i didn't know what to search for other than giant tic tac, thanks for that i shall google it, other than that i'll have to built a full blown steadycam rig


just googled mems gyro, i think you misunderstood, yes chip gyro's are cheap, but this is kinda the unit im talking about http://www.gyroscope.com/d.asp?product=GYROSTABILIZER

or this


chip gyro's are cheap

There is nothing preventing you from paying more for them, if that's your criteria.

I would rather look into if those "cheap" chip gyros can do the job, rather than if they are sufficiently expensive.

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