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Proximity with IR emitter and detector

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Be careful and note that your IR receiver is not designed to output a continuous signal; see page 5 of the IR receiver's datasheet and it will show that when it detects a continuous beam it will only show a signal for about .0013 seconds.  You need to turn off/on your IR beam intermittently to keep testing for an object.

Heres an experiment I did with chopping the 38 Khz from the Arduino, I was using it to send data.,128825.0.html

I might to know the analog value to get if the signal is far away or close to the receiver, in that way I should be able to calibrate with a piece of glass or I am wrong?

the only way you can measure signal strength with an IR module, is to see at what range ( or strength of LED pulses ) it fails to output anything.

Are you going to detect the same target each time ?, as different materials have different reflection...

Well, the project will be something like that: but instead of the piece of plastic, there will be a piece of glass.
On the top of this glass I want to put a cup, business card, plate, etc... and the IR should detects it!


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