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Nico V

I will try and draw a schematic, but knowing my drawing skills I'm afraid it might not make things a whole lot clearer ;)

So A goes to A and B goes to B. The datasheet did have an example but it was a bit unclear to me how they were supposed to be connected because the schematic showed the wires as being twisted and I couldn't figure out what went to what.

Nico V

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Here we go... This is the first time I've ever used Eagle or drawn a schematic and I can't say that I really know what I'm doing ;) So I'm guessing it's not going to be all that great. I found the drawing process a bit frustrating so I only did one side for now.

Does that look like it would work? Or do I need to connect the unconnected pins to something too?

Coding Badly

Nico V

C1 and C2 look suspicious.

I thought so too.. But the example schematic was a bit unclear again to a schematic noob like myself.

This is what's in the datasheet:

If they didn't mean what I had in the previous schematic, how is this one?

Coding Badly

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That looks better (the capacitors; someone else will have to comment on the rest).

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