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Hi everybody!

I've just published a blog post about my first Arduino project: a bar graph made of LEDs controlled by a light sensor.
I know it's nothing extremely fancy or original, but I needed something to start, so please bear with me  :P

Even if it's a quite simple project, I tried to show and share as much as possible, so it comes with pictures, the sketch code and a video.

Comments and questions are more than welcome.


Thanks for posting this. I am going to use it in a demonstration to some kids who are interested in Arduino. I think it is a great way to show them how a sensor can be used and a nice way to display the sensory input.


Yes its well set out and seems to work well
It could be enlightening to use an LED as the light sensor also instead of the LDR
I have been experimenting with LEDs as light sensors and they do work OK

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