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Topic: Using Solid State Relays with PWM on an Incandescent Bulb - Wiring Help Needed (Read 21838 times) previous topic - next topic


If the op want's to make one of the dimer's i post here the link to the SCH

And if you go down to the bottom of the page there the arduino code to run it.


Out of curiosity, if the PWM frequency was changed to something much lower, say 30Hz, would it then be possible to control the intensity via PWM? I understand its probably not going to be perfectly 'in-sync' but if the fading is fast it shouldn't matter?

You can change the arduino PWM frequency quite easily (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/PwmFrequency), however I have only tried increasing the PWM in the past.


You could use The PWM but it doesn't work well at all.
It's like this I tried this years ago what happens is some times you'll get a 1/2 off light next time its 3/4  then the next it jumps to off and you can see it like flickering.

Now with zero crossing you can make it soft and slow change without flickering.

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