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I am looking to hire someone if there rate is reasonable to help me program a mod-bus (max485) to arduino setup to read some values out of my Yaskawa V1000 variable frequency drive.
It should read temperature pressure and tank level from the V1000's mod-bus rtu port and display it on the lcd. Also i will need to be shown how i can add new items on my own in the future if its not too complicated. Can you call me if your capable of handling this project? 706 339 9714. Thank you.

I'm basically trying to use this: http://www.sainsmart.com/home-page-view/sainsmart-mega2560-board-3-5-tft-lcd-module-display-shield-kit-for-atmel-atmega-avr-16au-atmega8u2.html
To make a very basic version of this (no user interaction required): http://www.redlion.net/Products/HumanMachineInterface/ProductFamilies/G3Kadets.html



I think it is an interesting project. I worked with such Arduino touch screens in the past and even tough it is viable, it is not straightforward to create complex layouts similar to those of the red lion G307K2.

I'd rather suggest you to use some other development boards with Android that use a native modbus library.

Good pointers:


No so difficult to create a reasonably good UI with touch interface.

Here is what i eventual did for the client in about 2 days including the Mod bus interface.

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