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Author Topic: Which communication method to choose?  (Read 336 times)
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I am Building a project which requires communication between two Arduinos and I'm having a problem choosing the method. I was going to use I2C because of the two wire system but i need the information to travel over 200ft of cable. Is there a different way that uses few wires or any type of booster for the I2C to travel further?

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There are boosters for I2C, the PCA9525 for example. But I've never really seen a definitive answer to exactly how long a cable these can be used with. Possibly because it depends on capacitance and that's different for all cables.

OTOH RS-485 is well documented to be good for up to 4000' (1200m). RS-485 will use the same number of wires but does need a UART or at least SoftSerial.

Have a look for SMBus, that's an industrial bus based on I2C.


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