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Thanks for doing these pighixxx, I did not have the time. They look fantastic (but then I suppose I would say that eh? :))

BTW the official Arduino font appears to be Consolas.

Re the above two comments about the LEDs, I'll add an annotation about the neg logic, what about the 16U2 LEDs though, how many people would use them directly?


Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


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Thanks to you!

I hope people appreciate the effort we made ??to put a bit of clarity ...
I'm working on the latest diagrams and then work!  :smiley-roll:

I want to use this post to thank again Rob who was the first author of this fantastic diagram; I was inspired by his work.


the drawing is definitely pretty and hopefully accurate but i have one suggestion. the readability is quite good on the computer but when printed with a (pretty decent) color laser printer, it is extremely difficult to read the dark colored tags. i could photoshop it myself but why not just reduce the density on the background colors? BTW. i was a professional cartographer (a million years ago) and dealt with printing and readability issues all the time.


One suggestion for the SPI header.  If you print out compiler defined variables MISO, MOSI, and SCK they print out pin numbers as follows: MISO 74, MOSI 75, SCK 76.  I believe these are the Digital Pin numbers for these three pins on the SPI header.  Variable SS is defined as 10 and that is D10/D77 as you note correctly for SPI-CS0.  Could these three Digital Pin values be added?  Thanks for your consideration.


Could SCL1, SDA1 be reviewed? Methinks the 9/70 and A.17/A.18 are reversed.

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