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This is my first post in a forum (took me a while to figure out how)
and my first project I would like to attempt

If there is a simpler project you feel I should attempt first let me know, I am here to learn and give back.

I own an Arduino Uno (r3) & a small pile of LEDs

I did the blink program, it was fun. I played with the timing and such but its time to step it up.

3x3x3 LED cube! I understand this has been done over and over again but in all my poking around this world wide web I can't find plans that I am confident will work with this particular Arduino device.

This post also makes me second guess myself in that if I 'need plans' I really shouldn't be messing with Arduino, I feel like I will just be mooching off the creativity and hard work of others.

Also please include tips for this forum etiquette (i r n00b)


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Well SparkFun sells a 3x3x3 RGB led cube kit. They publish the schematic and arduino code so you could borrow from their publications what you wish or spring for the complete kit.

Here is another published plan for single color led cube:



Just follow the plans and you should be able to make something interesting.  Don't forget that only pin 13 on the arduino has a built in resistor, so you need to grab a resistor for each LED.


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Thank you for the direction, www.sparkfun.com looks like a great resource. (RGB LEDs seems a little intense)
However, the www.makeprojects.com shield seems to have no transistors and I think the Uno having only 14 Digital In/Outputs


Thank you, I was wondering why none of my LEDs worked and all smelled funny (jk). Much appreciated pointer.

*+What I am looking for is a 'vanilla' 3x3x3 cube, my LEDs are blue I don't know how much the difference in current draw will affect the circuit beside different resistors for the LEDs


Don't forget that only pin 13 on the arduino has a built in resistor, so you need to grab a resistor for each LED.

You're implying that there is a resistor in series with output pin 13, which I don't think is the case. (The onboard LED is connected to pin 13 via a series resistor, but that is in parallel with anything you connect to pin 13 and does not mean you can connect an external LED directly to the pin.)


If you haven't already look at blink without delay. Yo'll need this when you want to add external buttons to make the cube change the patten its flashing.



I think the Uno having only 14 Digital In/Outputs

Analog pins can be used as digital pins as well, and there are plenty of ways to drive a number of LEDs with less than the same number of pins.

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