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yes, if you need more information or if you don't understand anything. ask me.


i really have no idea's left, if anyone has suggestions it doesn't matter if it doesn't work. Or some other things i should try?


if you don't understand anything. ask me.

I already did. That code does something. What?

You want it to do something. What?

How are those two different?

Is your shift key broken?


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dude you do understand my sentences without capitals, like i said.
it bassicly needs to scan those codes convert it into decimal. so he can recognize where he is by reading those codes if he is at a random code generated in the my code he has to stop (wich works)
but now i want to make it stop in the middle of a code.

his destination is 4. he knows that after scanning all the 8 squares than he has to slow down and stop somewhere in the middle of the next code. at wich square of the eight is also completely random.

i also explained almost every single piece of code. Above.

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