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I've recently bought an arduino 2560. I installed the correct drivers and selected the right COM-port and arduino in the arduino program.
However, when I want to upload a sketch to the arduino, nothing happens. It starts compiling the sketch and when it says uploading the loading bar freezes around 80% of the uploading and keeps saying 'uploading'. it doesn't give an error message or something but the sketch isn't uploading.

When I press reset on the arduino, the orange led (AREF) starts blinking. And when I want to try to upload it again it says:
COM-PORT already in use (sketch is still not uploaded.) I've read about the '!!!' bug. I don't have '!!!' in my sketch. I really don't know what to do or how to make it work.

I also tried uploading the sketch to my arduino UNO, and that works just fine..

I would really like to know what to do and how to make it work :)!
thanks for any response



I've recently bought an arduino 2560.

If the uno works just fine, I think you should return the 2560 because it is probably that there is something wrong with the board.
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I am having a very similar problem with a SainSmart Arduino Mega 2560.  However, the arduino loader is not able to find the /dev/tty.usbmodem1d11 .

Are you able to find this port when you plug in the Arduino with the usb cable?

When I use an Arduino Mega from "Arduino" the port is correctly found and it works perfectly.

I have seen a thread saying that the usb cable can be finicky but I haven't been able to tweak the cable to get a different result....  :~


When I plug in the arduino, it finds the port (COM13, using windows) just fine.

Could it be the cable? I doubt it.. but I will try.

I am borrowing an another arduino mega in a few days, going to try out if that one works well..
Maybe the arduino is broken.. I hope not.


t'was indeed the arduino ;)
got another one now and everything works fine.. Thanks for response!

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