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Hi guys,

I am trying to control a 3.3 volts Tamiya twin gearbox by using an L298 H bridge connected to the Arduino UNO. All the electronics seem ok as other motors I have tried run without problems. But in the case of the Tamiya gearbox the motors don't even move. Can it be the problem that the L298 canĀ“t control 3.3 volts motors?

Please leave any commets to help me on this. Thanks!


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Regarding the power supply for the motors so far I have tried 5 volts so it`s a bit more than the 3.3 volts advised for this motors. When I supply 5 volts directly to the motors they run well. However, when I supply the 5 volts through the H Bridge they don't move at all.



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You should be using a sepqrqte power supply for the h bridge, you are not trying to run it from the arduino 5v pin are you ?

If so this isnt going to work. Check the two links related to servos in my signature below for a demonstration of the problem and the solution.

The link relates to servos, but its the aame concept, the arduino is great for control signals, but cannot power servos, motors, speakers etc the solution is to have a separate power circuit which cqn be as simple as a few batteries.

Duane B


I use two separated 5 volts power supply: one for the Arduino (from the computer) and other for the Tamiya motors (3 AA batteries).

As I followed the datasheet and other motors run well, I don`t understand why these motors in particular don`t work at all.

Thanks for the links. I will have a look at them later on during the day.

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