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Hello there,

Firstly I apologise if this is the wrong location to place this post.

I am completely new to Arduino, until yesterday I had never heard of it.  I am doing a University project and for this I want to transmit data between a source and receiver.  A lecturer recommended that I use an Arduino and XBee to simulate this.

I have to provide a practical demonstration by Christmas of a LED being lit up using the XBee.  I have the following equipment;
2 × XBee S2
1 ×Arduino Uno Board
And two other pieces of equipment attached.

I would just like some help or suggestions of where to start with this.  I have been recommended watching the YouTube videos of Sciguy14 which showed how to light the LED on the Arduino board plus I have seen an eBook Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

Thank-you in advance.




First get the Arduino to flash a LED ( hint look at blink with out delay).

Second get the PC and Arduino to talk over the Serial link (Arduino to take commands from the PC).

Third get the the PC and Arduino to talk over the XBEEs.

Now put all 3 together!



I can help you. First off, Xbee's are kinda expensive, how far do you need to go?  Second, are you going from Ard to Ard or Ard to PC?
Ard to Ard: If it is a short distance, within 30 Ft, go with bluetooth. I recommend the JY-MCY master and slave modules.
Ard to PC: just use a slave module and pair it to the computer.

code wise:
1) understand the code by getting the LED to blink, both with and without delay. NO Bluetooth needed for this part
2) Pair the BT modules either to BT to BT or Bt to PC. check that the RX and TX on the BT and ARD cross ( ARD: RX => BT: TX || ARD: TX => BT: RX)
if you get a SOLID LED on the BT modules, they are paired and ready.

3) Understand how to serial read and write data. BT: TX and RX must be removed from ARD to upload code.
4) transmit a simple code. Use PuTTY or Hyperterminal if going from PC to ARD.
5) If all goes well and you are able to get what you sent, then expand the code,go further and try other things.

If you still want to go with XBee, watch Sciguy on youtube, thats where I learned from when I first started.
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