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Ok, so I can use a 9v battery then, right?

Yes... kind of.

The little PP3 9V batteries don't last long though, as they have very little capacity, and with a linear regulator they last even less time.

If you want it to last a while you should be looking into other power sources, like Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer, and switching (buck / boost) regulators.

A typical PP3 has only 565 mAh, whereas your normal AA battery has 1800-2600 mAh.


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Just put a diode coming from the positive side of the battery it will drop you down enough to make
the receiver work  
4 AAA one diode makes 5.3 volts and will keep you from hooking the battery's wrong  XD  


Thank you to all of you.
I got it working with that 5v regulator and the 4 AA batteries.

cool cool.

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