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Anyone has ever used a proximity sensor iqs128 ?
I can not find the material useful to understand how to interface it with arduino.

I understand from the datasheet page 5, the pin 2 (GND) and 5 are the power, the antenna 6, but I was not very clear difference between pin 1 and 3 and the function of 4.
According to you?


I think you can ignore the CTRL/ND pin unless you want to change the default configuration.

Connect power (+5V) to VDDHI, ground to VSS, antenna to CX and see if OUT changes when you touch the antenna. 

You will need a pull-up resistor on OUT.  If you connect it to an Arduino input you can turn on the internal pull-up by setting the input pin to HIGH:

Code: [Select]

pinMode(2, INPUT);  // OUT from sensor
digitalWrite(2, HIGH); // Turn on the pull-up
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thanks a lot.
Tomorrow, I'll try to do what you suggested.

Ciao! ;)


Better late than never...

The IQS128 is sold in different configurations.
The most popular would be the one having pin3 (CTRL/ND pin) as an output (probably the one you have).
This will be a debounced and sensitive output (for proximity application such as the activation of backlighting etc.)
The other output is optimized for a closer activation such as an actual touch. The IQS128 features DYCAL(TM) which makes it very well suited for successful long term detection and de-activation.

For the rest, the response from John should have helped I hope.

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