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Hi guys! i want to control a belimo actuator with a 0-5v pwm of arduino..but the belimo need analog voltage 0-10v! I read some thing about low pass filter. So wich component should i use to get 0-5v pwm to analog 0-10v? I read that i need a 2n2222 to get 0-10v signal and smooth it with a low pass filter. But i don't know wich component value to use for the low pass filter (resistor and capacitor).!

I'm have bad experience with transistor..one day i try to control a 12v dc motor with 5v and i use a 2n2222 transistor and the output was less than 12v..i didn't understand that too..will i get the same problem with belimo?

is there someone with an answer? Thank you very much!


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There will be a loss of about  .7 volts  use a logic level fet like the 2n7000
You shouldn't need a filter on the line most of these can use AC or DC but then most I've seen are 24 volt for HVAC dampers


yeah but i heard pwn will not work for bellimo..and that i need a clean signal "analog signal"!


Well if some one told you you can't walk would you sit in a chair. I wouldn't I would try to walk.
You'll never no if you can or not But if you use a part like what I said the output is going to be good


i appreciate it..but it's not fun to wait 1 month to get a part if youre not sur its the good thing you need..

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