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I'm still stuck getting Analog Write to work. If I use the 'serial out' part of the patch in isolation it works with Arduino and I can use a Max slider to fade an LED. I believe the example tutorial is called Dimmer. I am essentially trying to integrate this into my project.

I have a sensor that feeds data in to Max from the Arduino this data then needs to be transmitted back to the Arduino in a feedback loop so I can modulate the voltage coming from the sensor (I will run PWM through a LPF to convert to analog voltage once I have it working properly). So I need to use Analog Write on PWM outs. But this isn't working. I have an LED attached to pin 9 then to ground and it is not dimming.

Can someone please help me with the code, I have no idea what I'm doing!  :~



It's ok, I've got it working now. Was simply a matter of me not understanding how serial communication works in Arduino. Hooray for books!


I wrote that Arduino2Max code package about five years ago.. It's amazing that people are still using it!

If you're reading this, and know how to code, fix it up and I'll release it as a new version. Otherwise, I'll just enjoy watching.


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