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Hello everyone,

I have several homemade printed circuits that accepts an Arduino UNO controller but I am running out of both Static Ram and PROGMEM memory (my programs are highly optimized already).

All my problems would be solved by using an Arduino Mega with the ATmega2560 chip. However the bigger board  size is a problem and I would have to redesign my printed circuits.

Do you know if someone is manufacturing an Arduino Mega on a board that has only the size and PIN of the Arduino UNO ? I do not need the extra I/O pin of the Arduino Mega, I need only the additional memory for the sketches ...

Many thanks, for any potential suggestions...

Regarda, Albpace.


How much extra? Atmega1284 has 16K SRAM (twice that of Mega) and 128K SRAM (4x that of Uno).
I offer a little bigger (longer) than Uno sized board:
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Hi Crossroads,

Thanks for your reply. This seems exactly what I need.

One question however. Can you use the Arduino IDE and simply recompile and upload the existing code ? Under which board type will you compile and upload a sketch in the Arduino IDE ?



There's a custom core that you install for the 1284p (actually, I think by now there are a few options, and one of them probably supports board manager installation) - I think it's the most popular non-standard chip to use after the ATTiny85, so among non-standard boards, it's pretty well supported.

There also exist ATMega2560-based boards that are somewhat smaller than the mega - searching ebay for arduino mega 2560 mini turns up some smaller (but non-shield-supporting) megas that are compatible with the normal 'mega.

If your limit is SRAM, though, the 1284p is better - it's got 16k of ram, vs only 8k on the mega2560 (though the mega has 256k flash instead of 128k)
ATtiny core for 841+1634+828 and x313/x4/x5/x61/x7/x8 series Board Manager:
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Perhaps you could build an Uno sized shield/carrier for something like a Teensy. This could then plug into your existing circuits, and has plenty of memory, and other nice features.


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