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The TLC5940's and arduino are powered off a computer power supply. Whenever I introduce the usb just as a serial monitor everything shuts down, if I unplug it ever thing comes back on. I'm assuming it is because of introducing an additional ground to the circuit.


The TLC5940's and arduino are powered off a computer power supply.

That computer power supply probably delivers 5V and 12V. Which one are you using and to which connector do you have it connected? That's what I mean by wiring: describe every wire going to or from the Arduino. Tell us which pin/connector you use on the Arduino and where it goes to. Connecting multiple grounds usually isn't a problem. So it must be somewhere else.


Circuit taken from here http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,17106.0.html tlc's are powered by the 5v. V1 is also 5v. 12v going to V2 and the arduino.


This is what I want to control with the raspberry pi webserver



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The r.Pi I/O pins are 3.3V only and can supply only 5 mA of current. You cannot connect
them directly to Rx,Tx, I2C, or SPI on 5V Arduino boards.

One of the books shows using a USB cable between r.Pi and Arduino as the easiest interface.
It says the r.Pi can supply at least enough current [50 mA] to run the Arduino, as long as
there are no significant loads on the Arduino pins. The r.Pi itself is a current hog, 700 mA or
so, and the on board power ckts cannot supply very much current to anything connected to it.

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