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For me project at uni I am having to design a burglar alarm that will set off when movement is sensed and noise within a certain frequency band is sensed.
I have done all the electonics for this and I am going to use my Arduino. For some extra marks I need to put in another input (detection) or another output (alarm) I am looking for some inspiration so if anyone has any ideas then let us know.



Check out burglar alarms on-line and see what sensors they use. A few that come to mind are magnetic switches on windows, pressure pads on the floor, beam breaking, tamper switch on the alarm box. For output, email or SMS.


If you want to get all crazy, try a laser perimeter alarm using mirrors to direct your beam (you could go even further and use partial mirrors with their own sensors, so you can detect at what point the beam broke. ) Or perhaps triggering a camera to take a picture when the alarm goes off.


A radar sensor, that can detect moving objects.
Don't use the radar elements without amplifier from Ebay, you need the complete modules with a potmeter for the sensivity.


For an additional output use a GSM shield and send out SMS text  http://labs.arduino.cc/GPRS/Index

For additional inputs did you try looking into some of these   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burglar_alarm#Sensor_types


Cheers lads/lasses.

I like the idea of sending a text message. Have never used a shield before so it should be fun seeing if I can work it out.

Thanks for your input.



get a gas detector, if it moves like a burglar, if it sounds like a burglar and -if it smells like a burglar - it must be a burglar ;-)

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