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After having worked a bit with a 8-inches 4-wire resistive touchpanel directly connected to an Arduino I have now inserted a TI's TSC2046 controller to improve the measurement quality.

However in both configurations the maximum pressure value changes a lot according to the position and makes this information unusable althought I have applied the calculations described in the IC's datasheets (and in many documents about 4-wire resistive touchpanels), using two cross panel measurements. In two corners I have values not greater than 15, in the third corner the value reaches 68 and in the fourth corner it goes beyond 100. In the center I have values beyond 100 also.

I am wondering if this problem comes from the size of the panel, the build quality from the specific panel I have of from the inherent principle of pressure measurement on 4-wire resistive panels.

I'd be interested to know if other people who measure a touchpanel's pressure information do have the same problem. Is it possible that some kind of decorrelation should be applied between measurements of the pressure and position ?

Thank you in advance.


Rob Tillaart

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Touchpanel (PDF): http://www.touchlc.com/uploadfiles/201110311110244.pdf

Controller : http://www.ti.com/product/tsc2046

Circuit : https://www.box.com/s/aureoeuh5hgzm0ike0an

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