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I am new to electronics, have some experience of C++ programming. I foolishly volunteered to build a game, someone suggested Arduino. The game I planned was to have six LEDs on a panel, with six pushbuttons, one associated with each LED. When you push the start button, a random LED will flash, and you have to push it's button within say 500ms. If you do, you get a green LED, and the game continues for four more goes (5 green LEDs). Get 5 greens and you win. If you dont push the button in time, you get a red LED and the game ends. I am sure an Arduino chip can do this, but does anyone have a circuit diagram they would lend me. Many thanks for your patience.



Everybody hates Newbies...

Don't feel so bad. We were all noobees once. Besides, electronics is 10X harder than programming.


So, 6 push buttons, plus a start/reset? and 12 LEDs, that's easy electronics.
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anyone have a circuit diagram they would lend me.

I have but you must prommiss to give it me back.  ]:D

Sorry coudn't resist.

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