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While you're waiting, give the Bitlash interpreter a try.  If you know Forth it should be a piece of cake to learn. 

You'll have to live with infix notation, but you get the same immediacy you get from the Forth command line.



http://amforth.sourceforge.net/ - Not specifically Arduino, but it is designed for ATMegas.


Yes, I have a fondness for Forth, too.  The limited resources on early Arduinos, read limited RAM, since thats where a 'real' Forth wants to live, made it a very limited system, unless one went for a blended system where development occurs on your computer, compiled and uploaded to the Arduino, which is more complicated. 

However, with the newer Arduinos with more powerful mpus, this should be much easier now, and a more traditional standalone Forth with adequate resources sounds eminently possible. 

David Harris
OpenLCB Dev Team
Dr. David Harris
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I can recommend amforth:

and FlashForth:

Both run atmegas, FF runs pic18/24/33 as well.



The last time I tried to put amforth on an arduino, it was a pretty painful experience.  But amforth has had active development since then, and with optiboot there is at least the potential to preserve the arduino bootloader AND put the code amforth needs to save new words to flash, up in the boot section.  So it might be worth another look...

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