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I have an interesting issue which I am hoping people will be able to help me with, to start I am using the following hardware

1) Arduino Uno R3
2) Arduino WIFI Shield R3 - I have done the firmware update (seen the blue light etc & removed the jumper)

The IDE environment is 1.6.5

The issue I see are when the using the sample web server as in this link https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/WiFiWebServer

I get the Wifi shield is not present, if however I remove those lines of code and let it progress I see the link LED come on (Eventually), on the shield and I can see the device is connected to my home network and the IP address via and this is important my router configuration page. powering down the arduino system removes this device from the list of connected device to my router.

Now here is the interesting part it never according to the code connects it always returns the status 4 which is WL_Connection_failed. it never starts the server and interestingly when I tell it to give me things like firmware version MAC address it is blank (is this because I have not yet started the server maybe)

I have also tried this with release 1.0.2 and it behaves the same I am pretty sure it is sw thing but can anyone shed any light on to this please?

Oh and my router is configured for 802.11b/g networks and WPA/WPA2




The IDE environment is 1.6.5
Have you tried 1.0.5?
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I just tried IDE v1.6.5 with the wifi shield PaulS kindly supplied to me, and it works fine. Thanks, Paul.

If the wifi shield is getting settings (obviously), but is not responding, then you have a problem with the SPI bus MISO line. Insure you have a good connection on the ICSP pins. That is where the SPI data lines are for the wifi shield.

Insure you have no other SPI devices connected, like a SD card. You don't have a SD card in the shield's slot, do you?

Insure you have nothing connected to D10 to D13.


Thanks for the reply.

It is odd it seems to be getting some reply as the status is 4 when it connects however it is 255 when I am checking for the shield presence (this seems to never change when I poll it and print out the result) but as I said not performing that check results in a status of 4 which is connection failed I think. although it is connected to the my wifi

I have nothing else connected into the shield and the uno and pins 10- 13 are inserted (I will check again)

There is no SD card fitted so I followed the rule which says I need to drive pin 10 high in that case if you have the HDG204 fitted. I think it is pin 4 if the HDG104 device is fitted as described here https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWiFiShield


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I think I would try the firmware upgrade again.

The wifi shield doesn't use D11 to D13 for the SPI bus, but the Uno does. The wifi shield and the Uno both have the SPI data lines on the ICSP connector. Insure the connector pins are inserted fully and no loose solder connections there.


Hi Tim

I think I have gotten to the bottom of it, looking with the oscilloscope there is never any data returned upon MISO. This explains that I can configure the device and it can be seen on the network however I never get a response from it.

I have tried updating the firmware several times and tried it with different boards all have the same impact there is never any response on MISO.

The signal integrity looks horrendous between the AT32UC3A1256 and the TXB0108 on the wifi shield - though it obviously works as the configuration data gets in OK to connect to the network.

I will have a look at the board tomorrow at work under magnification and see if there is an issue with the pins otherwise I have ordered another shield finger crossed.

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