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Hi, I am a complete newbie with Arduino, but I have some  knowledge of programming (not in C) I did some sketches and all worked fine, then begin to experiment with other things like LCD and everything fine.
I'm having problem with a cheap chinese ethernet shield, based on w5100; at first it didn't work at all: the lights went on but no connection could be established. Reading on some forum I found that the problem may be due to the shield lateral pins that are too long and didn't allow proper contact on the ICSP pins. So I trimmed the lateral pins until the ICSP socket fits perfectly.
Now the shield somehow works but with a very strange behaviour: at the first run after the upload everything works fine, I tried many different sketches. But if I power off or reset the Leonardo nothing works anymore (if it includes on the ethernet part, other sketches not using ethernet work good).
Also, the serial connection to the Leonardo is unstable (this was before and after the pin trimming): the PC sees it on a COM but the Arduino IDE is unable to connect and upload sketches and sometimes, but only at the first power up, the led on the Ethernet shield start to blink in sequence (like roadworks light, scrolling).
I believe it's still some defective ICSP connection but I still don't understand why the first run after uploading the sketches always goes fine and the others always don't work; I'd expect a more erratic behaviour. What should I do to troubleshoot that?

I'd start with checking the ICPS connector and since I'm using a Leonardo and don't need to use the SD card at the moment I think i can just connect the 6 ICSP pins and the pin 10 leaving alone the pins 11, 12 and 13, right?

Also, I'm open to other suggestion on how to fix this thing.


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