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   The way the delay switch on/off is implemented is ugly - everyone has buttons, not everyone has a switch so I wrote the code as a very simple button/toggle switch.

To force delay, replace this section of code

Code: [Select]

// if the delay button is pressed, toggle delay
  if(0 == digitalRead(DELAY_BUTTON))
    bDelay = !bDelay;
    // keeping it simple,


Code: [Select]

bDelay = true;

I will change the delay toggling code for something less ugly some day soon.

Duane B



I'll got the same Error here

Code: [Select]

i've attached a screenshot of the log


It looks as if you are trying to combine two sketches.

Can you compile each of the sketches on their own first ?

Do they do what you expect on their own ?

If your answer is yes and yes, I can tell you how to add the delay to the LDR sketch.

Duane B


I've compiled both scketches, the one with LDR sensor is working, the other not. I've attached a button to digital pin 4, but i can't hear the delay....

now I want to retry your scketch with an arduino duemilanove, instead of an arduino mega...


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What are you expecting delay to sound like ?

EDIT: The delay is added to the output, so if you can hear the output, and bDelay = true; the delay is there.

As the Auduino outputs at a constant volume the delay can be heard as a reverb effect.

In projects with an attack/decay or even just on/off notes, the delay is more obvious as a repeat or echo of the initial note -

The same delay code running on the five dollar keyboard -

Duane B

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