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oh shit I understand now!!!  $)

I've notice a sort of colored sound....  yes the volume works good but iI would like to have less noise signal.... before solder all together I liked the filter "cut off"...

have you find a solution for the delay??? I would like to help you but I'm very bad in coding  :smiley-sad-blue:


   Two options for a nice hardware solution are -

1) A toggle switch to turn delay on/off

2) A potentiometer to adjust the delay buffer size anywhere from 0 for no delay to fractions of a second for a deep delay.

For now I will recommend 1) toggle switch, I will update the code to use this and the post to recommend this.

Duane B


   Very simple update to the code is now in place here -


It assumes a toggle switch is connected between the DELAY_BUTTON pin and ground and that a 10K pull up resistor is connected from 5V to the DELAY_BUTTON pin - your typical button with a pull up circuit except we are using a toggle switch inplace of a button.

I am making slow progress with a ribbon synth that uses and adaptation of the Auduino synth engine, hope to be able to post something soon.

Duane B


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