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Working on a Temperature and Pressure reading application - using the Arduino UNO and the MAX6675 chips along with LabView.

Question I have is that the pressure sensor is analog and am reading it with an analog input, using labview to read and display it.

The temperature sensors require using the Max6675 amplifier chip and reading like eight digital bits to get the temp - not sure this can be done in labview.  I've got example sketch code for reading the digital bits using but not sure how to get that out to Labview.  Is there a way to run labview and a sketch at the same time ?  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


s there a way to run labview and a sketch at the same time?

Since the sketch runs on the Arduino and LabView runs on the PC, I'm not sure I understand where the question comes from?
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I don't understand you problem. Probably you are asking for interfacing tutorial

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