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You can use different pin with software SPI, but it is slower, and takes more resources. If you must connect the wires anyway, why not use the hardware SPI interface? It works pretty good.

If you are going to design a board, do yourself a favor and use the ICSP connector for your hardware SPI data lines. That way it will be both Uno and Mega compatible.


Hello. I Maybe wasn't clear.
I want to attach 1 module to the pc, and one to the arduino. The problem is that the matching pins on the module don't line up with the arduino's spi pins, so i have to attach wires between the module, and the arduino, not just simply plug the module into the board.
So i asked if there is a possibility to change the pins used by spi interface.

As stated previously you can use software to emulate the SPI but you won't be able to plug the device directly into the arduino headers as I don't think you will never get VCC & GND to match the radios 2x4 header format


Oh, yes, i almost forgotten it, you are right.
The module needs 3.3V

But thanks for the help.


The module needs 3.3V

This probably means it also needs a level converter for the SPI pins, except if it explicitly is 5V tolerant.

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