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I'm sorry to bother everyone, but I've been trying to control servo motors with a Wii Nunchuck. I have managed to succeed. However, now I need to control a Dynamixel MX-28 servo motor and I have no idea. I originally thought that it would be the same as any servo motors so I just used the code that worked for the servo motors, but the Dynamixel does not respond. I tried everything, but it is clearly something about the code not being compatible with the Dynamixel servo. Thus I was wondering if I have to code the Dynamixel separately. Please help me in anyway possible. Thank you.


There appears to be 2 flavours of that Dynamixel Servo. A MX-28R that uses RS-485 level serial protocol and an MX-28T that uses TTL level serial protocol. A normal servo motor uses a form of PWM [Flaming expected for this] via the servo library. Two totally different means of talking to the device. Determine what type you have and grab it's datasheet then maybe look at this thread http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=116011.0
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Flaming expected for this

Not sure why. It's quite correct. RC receivers take a PPM signal in, and send PWM out to servos/escs.


While I am grateful for the the replies, I was asking if one could help me with actually programming the dynamixel motor to read values from the wii nunchuck. I'm still relatively new to the Arduino thing so I'm not finding it too easy. I also have the Wii nunchuck library installed and everything. I even have the code for it to move normal servo motors. Plus it seems that the manual for all the commands for the Dyanmixel library is in Spainish. I'm in quite the pickle here.


Perhaps if you provided a link to the device you are trying to use, we might be able to help.


I was asking if one could help me with actually programming the dynamixel motor to read values from the wii nunchuck.

I'm pretty sure the motor doesn't have the ability to read from the nunchuck. You'll probably have to put an Arduino in between them.
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