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You're welcome. BTW I can guarantee you that I know how it feels to finally have an idea for a solution.

My LED lighting system ( trippylighting.com) was min dire need of a remote control solution. I hade something working with a WiShield and Ardumote but ran against several obstacles that prevented me from developing the solution any further.
Then the Arduino WiFi shield was announced but did not happen for over a A year. It took half a year for to come across a video on YouTube showcasing exactly this router solution and I slapped myself of the forehead having missed this obvious solution. My system now is remotely controlled using TouchOSC from my iPhone. Smooth!


https://pushover.net is an easy one that ive used with scripts before, and should work for the arduino.

otherwise, you could simply pass url variables to a php script that mails to your phone. most phone carriers (if not all) have an email to txt message gateway.

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