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I'm having this problem too, with the following notes.

  • have been able to upload from the Mac (OS X 10.8.4) previously, including earlier today

  • am able to upload from a Windows 7 machine

Currently, if connected to the Windows 7 machine everything looks normal, program runs, etc. I've gone back to just the blink sketch for now. When connected to the Mac, that sketch no longer runs correctly and LED L has a strange blink pattern, on a little long, off, then a set of very fast blinks. 

I've been able to switch back and forth between the Windows and Mac machines previously. I updated to Arduino 1.0.5 on the Windows machine just prior to encountering this issue.  Mac has version 1.0.5 also.

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The same USB cable was used in both cases, but tried a different one anyway.  No difference.

Eventually got it to upload from the Mac again, after getting a few other types of errors first (getsync, getparam protocol error). Not sure what change made the difference.

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