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From PWillard... This is good advice:
[quote[font=Verdana]]First, don't leave your input unterminated. If your frequency input pin is left "open" it can pick up stray signals[/font]. Second, when working with higher frequencies, having your circuit built on a board with a ground plane helps reduce stray signal input.   The human body is somewhat like a capacitor that nicely couples stray AC mains signals to the vicinity of your circuit.[/quote]
He thought you knew the meaning of termination, Until you pointed out my error in not reading your message carefully enough, So did I... Really Sorry to have wasted so much time...

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Thanks again.

Another question while we're at it.

When connected to my car's speed signal, it measures the frequency spot on, however when var is stationary (zero speed) either it measures random values or nothing.

Is there a way of measuring zero frequency?


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