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Simple DS1307 modules with battery backup would work, such as the "chronodot" from sparkfun.com or adafruit.com, or just google it. uC's can be had in quite small leadless packages.  A ATMega1284P-MU and 5 current limit resistors could drive that 5x20 display, have 2 pins for I2C comm's with the RTC, and leave 5 pins free for buttons to set the date/time, advance to next message or change modes, whatever.
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Hi CrossRoads,

Great info, thanks.

I now understand I can incorporate a RTC into a controller of my choice...I'm trying to now clarify which controller would best fit my needs.

I'm looking at:

Any input? I would like to order the hardware today.

Also, what else would I need to create the system I'm desiring (power control, other interfaces, etc.)?



Thru hole parts?

10K resistor,1/8W
1N4158 diode
16MHz crystal
two 22pF ceramic caps, 16v or 50V
4 100nF ceramic caps, 16V or 50V
10uF, 16V electrokytic cap, 16V

USB interface module

5V, 1A wallwart, such as
power socket
or panel mount

Want user & predefined fonts that do not scroll column by column, but only letter by letter:
MAX6953, resistors & caps as shown on data sheet
4 5x7 matrix displays - common anodes on the 5 columns, common cathode on the 7 rows

more flexible fonts scrollable column by column?
4 x MAX7219 with caps & resistor per device as shown on datasheet
Can use the same display 5x7 display, take into account the smaller size as you send it data
or, 4 x 8x8 LED MATRIX, common cathode on rows, common anode on columns

Or, individual LEDs, wire up into desired matrix

Big board to put it all on if prototyping
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years. Check out the ATMega1284P based Bobuino and other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17.
Arduino for Teens available at Amazon.com.


Hi CR,

All great info again.

I think I need to clarify the scope of the project...

What we're doing:
We're building 6' and 10' display versions of this - http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/lp/nikeplusfuelband

What we need the display to do:
-Display scrolling current time
-Display scrolling text (I think there will be 4-5 different messages that cycle through)
-The LED lighting matrix is 5high X 20wide. 100 LEDs total (or groups that look like single LEDs)
-Dimensions are roughly 38"w X 8"h for the 6' version and 53"w X 12"h for the 10' version
-The LED signboard needs to contour around the inside of the face of the part and sit close to the subsurface

I've contacted the company that makes the flex PCBs in the real FuelBand; however, we just got disappointing news that they may not be able to meet our deadline (11/26)

Pictures of the Prototype for reference:

The lighting in the prototype we built is static. We plan to 'drop out' the remaining diode graphics around the "FUEL" in order to place LEDs behind them.

Will this handle the functions we need? http://www.mouser.com/new/arduino/arduinouno/


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