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Hi, folks!

Need your help on subject display (red one, looks exacly as sparkfun).
Have received one a week ago and still trying to get it work properly...  8)
The issue is display works only occasionally, randomly shows designated images and text, but much more often i see just random flicker horisontal lines. Moreover, normal images or text appears usually on first wiring, the next or third attempt after reset may be faulty - while on first attempt i can see normal images between flickers, after power off/on it can be only flickers or nothing. So i do afraid that the issue is hardware...  8)  only LED works fine
Connection is to arduino nano 5 v as per sparkfun scheme for such devices i.e. via 10k resistors.

I've checked voltage and current on display and result seems to be a bit disappointing

PIN / Voltage / Current

VCC  /  3.28      
SCE   /  2.32   /  0.46
RST   /  0       /  0
D/C   /  2.28   / 0.45
DNK  / 4.57   / 0.47
SLK   / 4.57   / 0.47

is it almost dead ???  8)


You can't get much meaningful from measuring voltages (or currents) of a high speed logic signals if they are changing - multimeters measure on a timescale of around a second, logic signals change upto 8 or 9 orders of magnitude faster than that.

How fast are you driving the signals ?  Is this hardware SPI?  How long are the wires?
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solved using 4050 level shifter.

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