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I have just received one of these. It's the red one that looks like the Sparkfun. I have seen a few installation diagrams for these and the like, and they all seem to avoid the Arduino 3.3v supply, providing a new regulator or divider instead. Am I missing something?

I thought all Arduinos had have a 3.3v source included and I would have thought the obvious thing is to use it.


the older arduinos got the 3.3 volt supply from the FTDI chip, and it was able to supply exactly "jack squat" current, so maybe the requirements of the LCD were too much and its a legacy thing




My boards all just a few weeks old.  I imagine these things run on the smell of a thin oily rag, and it seems the light can be run off a separate supply.


3V3 from Arduino is 50mA max I think, it all depends how much current the backlighting LEDs take...
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t all depends how much current the backlighting LEDs take...


I guess what is more to the point is where the LEDs get their power from. In my case, they are wired separately and can be run off 5v. I don't know if this is typical.


The lcd is specified for 3.3v but works under 5v as well.

The led, if its anode / cathode are wired out separately, can be powered by pretty much anything.

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