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Results of the command:

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iMac-van-W:~ wnitert$ ps aux | grep terminal
wnitert          479   0,0  0,0  2434892    488 s000  R+    9:24pm   0:00.00 grep terminal
iMac-van-W:~ wnitert$

My bad, replace "terminal" with "java".
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Here the results of that command at the terminal:

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iMac-van-W:~ wnitert$ ps aux | grep java
wnitert          645   0,0  0,0  2434892    548 s000  R+    7:41am   0:00.00 grep java
iMac-van-W:~ wnitert$


This worked to get 1.5.1 running on Mac Air w/OS 10.7.5.  Not sure why.  Why?  And Thanks!!!

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