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I have run the Disk Utility to verify the permissions. Still no menu on the IDE window.

James C4S

On the terminal run:

"ps aux | grep terminal"

and post the results (in code tags)
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Nick Gammon

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Results of the command:

Code: [Select]
iMac-van-W:~ wnitert$ ps aux | grep terminal
wnitert          479   0,0  0,0  2434892    488 s000  R+    9:24pm   0:00.00 grep terminal
iMac-van-W:~ wnitert$

Nick Gammon

I have an Arduino Mega 2650.
I installed the Arduino IDE 1.0.2 on my iMAC (MAC OSX 10.7) and started it. The IDE window appears, but without the menu.

I couldn't get 1.0.2 working on my Mac. Try 1.0.1.

Alternatively, if you have a "hardware" folder inside your Arduino documents folder try renaming that (I've heard that might help).

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