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The Find home detector is a device to show me the way home by indicating the direction with a light. It uses a LilyPad, GPS, compass and some LEDs. Using the GPS to get a position and then calculate the direction to the location of my home. The compass is then used to get my heading so it is possible to indicate the direction I should travel.

For information how to build one and code visit http://www.instructables.com/id/Find-home-detector/

Have fun!


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Well done,

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I love it, that's wonderful!

Would have made finding my hostel one night in Berlin a lot easier, that's for sure.

Plus seeing the look on people's faces as I walked by with that would have been wonderful :D


That looks pretty cool. Maybe even add a "waypoint system", where you can push a button to set a waypoint and it can guide you through your previously set waypoints.


this is an awesome project!  i can see many uses for the core of this. 
great work.


quick question:

why is there a 50 unit gap?  is this to avoid flickering between two directions?

Code: [Select]

northOn = 3350 < directionToDestination || directionToDestination < 250;
  northeastOn = 200 < directionToDestination && directionToDestination < 700;
  eastOn = 650 < directionToDestination && directionToDestination < 1150;
  southeastOn = 1100 < directionToDestination && directionToDestination < 1900;
  southwestOn = 1700 < directionToDestination && directionToDestination < 2500;
  westOn = 2450 < directionToDestination && directionToDestination < 2950;
  northwestOn = 2900 < directionToDestination && directionToDestination < 3350;

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