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The purpose of my project is to control motor from ir remote.
For this I modified servo (to 360 deg) and use IR receiver.

Everything I connected to andruino and it works, but when I move atmega to pcb I'm expecting strange behavior: servo works and changes direction according to my commends from ir remote and after couple changes it stops. When i reset device (cut of power and plug in again) it starts and work properly till it stops again.
Im fighting with it for couple days and I don't have much experience in electronics (in fact it is my first project)
Below it is schema of my connections.

Maybe somebody with experience could give me some tip?


The schematic looks fine.  How about posting the code and possibly some clear pictures of the PCB/soldering?


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Maybe a 10 Kohm resistor from reset to Vcc, and a 100 nF capacitor from Vcc to Gnd


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Yes, if they are not already done, they are a must.  I guess I should never assume.


You are great.

I added this two elements and everythink works like a charm.

Here I added schema and images for if somebody will be interested in this topic in future.


Thanks again.

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