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Hi,I am new to arduino and have no experince in c programming,my project involves an motion sensor detecting motion and activating the MP3 shield to ply a random track through the Arduino UNO,I have compiled codes I have found online together,I got the hardware together I just need help in software area.


#include <SdFat.h>
#include <SdFatUtil.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <SFEMP3Shield.h>
SFEMP3Shield MP3player;

// constant variables 
    int pirPin = 5;                    // PIR sensor input pin
    int calibrationTime = 10;   
    unsigned long playTime = 15000;      // how long a file will play in milliseconds (15000=15 seconds)
    unsigned long pauseTime = 10000;     // how long the pause will be after the sound ends (10000=10 seconds)
    int readingInterval = 20;            // how often to read the sensor

// changing variables 

    int rantrack = 0;                    // track number for randomizing
    unsigned long currentMillis = 0;     // time variable to track running time: current time
    unsigned long startingMillis = 0;    // time variable to track running time: starting time
    byte result;                         // variable for mp3 player shield, can be used to debug
// setup     
    void setup() {
  pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);
  digitalWrite(pirPin, LOW);

  //give the sensor some time to calibrate
    for(int i = 0; i < calibrationTime; i++){

     pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);                        // make PIR sensor an input
      digitalWrite(pirPin, LOW);                    // activate internal pull-up resistor
      result = MP3player.begin();                      // start mp3 player shield
      MP3player.SetVolume(10, 10);                     // set volume of the mp3 player ( 0 = loudest )
// loop
    void loop(){
      if (digitalRead(pirPin)== HIGH) {                // if movement sensed
          randomSeed(millis());                        // set a more random seed for the random function
          rantrack = random(55);                       // find random number
          result = MP3player.playTrack(rantrack);      // play track                         
          playtime();                                  // call function for play time       
         MP3player.stopTrack();                        // stop track   
          delay(pauseTime);                            // wait...   
      delay(readingInterval);                          // wait with reading

// function to determine playtime

  void playtime() {
       startingMillis = millis();                                 // set both time counter
       currentMillis = millis();
      while ( currentMillis - startingMillis < playTime ) {      // while track plays, runs until playTime is reached
          currentMillis = millis();                               // set to actual time
          delay(40);                                              // debounce

this is the code i have compiled to randomly play any track when motion is detected,all of it i found online!:D
now i am going to name the tracks in the SD card track000.mp3 and etc. The problem i am having is where do i change in the code for these names?? I got the libraries online.
I am on a deadline and a prompt answer is very much appreciated
Thanks ,Newbie


Please you code tags (#) they work wonders for everyone!
Here see if this helps, it's rather detailed.
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ive downloaded the SDFIle,but when i extract everything i cant find the Sd2PinMap.h file??


The code compiler successfully but there is no sound playing!how long must I w8 for the sensor to calibrate itself?


Maybe it has an internal volume that has to be set.
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I've set the volume and everything,I've changed the chip select from 10 to 9,and the code uploads fine but it cannot ply.!!


Does it know what your tracks are labeled, because it takes a certain format like track001 ,002 ,003 and so on. Some have different formats but it is relatively the same.
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I only uploaded one track to tr SD card to test it out first,I've made the changes in te code ran track from 55 to 1 and I named it track001.mp3


Maybe the track itself needs to be named track1.where did you get your mp3 shield, it may need its own code and not a generic code from on line. You need to find everything you can about your mp3 shield.

If you have a link to your shield and ITS code post it.
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All tutorial I've read states that the track should be named track000.mp3-tracknnn.mp3
The mp3 shield is from sparkfun electronics MP3 shield


Try a more minimal sketch until you get things going: in setup, just call the begin method on the MP3player object, serial print the return value and then call playMP3 with the filename of your track. Print the return value of this function too. In loop, do nothing. What happens now?


take a look at this code, Dont use it but look how it is written, how it calls a track, the volume,etc...

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