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Hello everybody,

I collect from a dead GPS a LCD Display KD035G1-54NM-B1.

It is this one : http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/gladys0832/product-detailaMRxJgeDOBYy/China-LCD-Display-KD035G1-54NM-B1-.html

I'd like to know if it's possible to connect it to my arduino board to print pictures?

On the main connecting, there are lot of connectings : 53. In the arduino there are not 53 I/O. So is it possible? Using the LCD display only in black and white could resolve the problem?

I have also a LCD Display collected from a LG KS360 mobile phone. Is it possible to use it with Arduino?

Thank you for your answers and sorry for my bad English.


Probably RGB video only, no datasheet I can find.  Arduino can't drive video signals.

[actually having said that the Arduino Due might be able to perhaps?]
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Web link you posted says VGA interface display, though I don't know what all the extra pins are for. I think Nick Gammon posted some code here a short time ago to display text on a VGA monitor.


Well there will be at least 26 for digital VGA for a start, HS/VS and 8 bits per colour.  Then 4 supply voltages, possible Vcom and scan-direction control.  And the touchscreen too.
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Thank you for your answers.

And what about the TFT screen from de the LG KS360 mobile phone? Have I more chance than with the VGA?


Without a datasheet or other specs we have no information to go on.
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Ok thank you for your answer. So I think I don't have no chance...

It's a pity, I wish to do something more interesting with my arduino board...

Do you know a good and cheap LCD Display that I can buy and use easily with my arduino board?


So I think I don't have no chance...

You do have a chance. It is just that without a datasheet, your chance of success is tiny.

Hi everybody there,
Sorry for answering so late, but i did not see the question before.

Is there a chance that the KS 360 Service Manual https://www.assembla.com/spaces/ks360/documents/dFdcVm9Imr3AIteJe5afGb/download/dFdcVm9Imr3AIteJe5afGb should contain any valuable information for you ?

Greetings from France.


have a look at the screen. can you find any partcodes on it? And i dont mean the ribbon cable designed for the phone :)
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