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  CrossRoads could probably hook you up with a chip. I have purchased several of CrossRoads PCBs and one of his Bobuinos that is loaded with features! CrossRoads does some great work!

  Also, on the subject of the 1284, I am using one of CrossRoads SMT 1284 boards to make a 20MHz version for fun. Someone recently made a bootloader so, that the chip will work properly at the higher frequency. I am considering putting a socket for the crystal to sit in so that I can try other frequencies. The socket will be easy to remove later if I do not like it.


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I took a look at your sketch. Which DS1307 library are you using?

As well as changing the variables that represent unchanging data (e.g. pin numbers) to const, another easy win is to replace Serial.println("text") in setup() by Serial.println(F("text")).

I was unable to find monthShortStr(), but I suspect the month strings are another candidate for moving into PROGMEM.

Table divider[12] occupies RAM but appears to be unused.

Variable tempString should be local to the function in which it is used, like timeString. Similarly for tempChar.
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Duemilanove-style 1284 is not hard to make.
I sell bare boards for $5 shipped to US locations, scrounge  the parts  you need or pick up for ~$15 at mouser.
On board (MIKROE483) or off board USB/Serial (FTDI Cable or similar) supported too.

i had a similar requirement for large ram and was given one of your m1284 boards. im very impressed with the design. do you have a link to a bootloader? also can you tell me what avrdude command line would be used to load a small test program to that with a com5 dongle?


Here is the thread about the 20MHz bootloader for the 1284P. I have not tested it yet.  http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,128604.msg968632.html#msg968632

Here is the bootloader I use for boards from CrossRoads https://github.com/maniacbug/mighty-1284p

By the way, the board has to be selected as Bobuino or your pins will not match. There are other 1284 variants that have different pin mapping. The problem may apply to the first link I gave you.

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