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Hi all,

i have an ATtiny85 and i have put a very basic sketch using software serial on it.

the sketch simply takes any serial data coming in and sends it straight back out.

i am using an external 16Mhz resonator on the chip, and the FTDI chip on my arduino Uno as the interface with the computer.

if i type one character it works, so for example if i type "a" it returns "a"

but if i type multiple characters, it fails, so i type "abcdefg" it returns "aÆ???"

the baud rate in the sketch and monitor is set at 2400

any help would be great thanks


just to update this, it seems to work now. the higher i put the baud rate the better it worked until 19200 when it seems to work 100%

so i consider this fixed, i am just curious as to why it didn't work before? hardware serial works fine at 9600 so what is it about software serial that means it doesn't work at lower speeds?


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